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About Us

Imagio Creation was established way back in 1999, started out as a partnership specializes in various window shadings and interior products catering to a wide range of applications. Through the years, the company is proud to have involvement in numerous well-known projects in Singapore. This business division was then carved out as a standalone entity in 2005 to form Imagio International.
Since 2006, Imagio Creation has been marketing a variety of bathroom products (including Stella) in China. Working alongside world renowned designers and architects, the company was able to secure many projects across China, from shanghai to Beijing, Chongqing to Nanjing. In order to expand further into the SE Asian market, we decided to move our operation back to Singapore.
We operate a boutique-style outfit, offering very exclusive products and personalize services. Although we do not operate a retail shop, we do have a display centre where our would-be clients can see-and-feel the products before placing the orders.
At Imagio Creation, we do not believe in “low-price”, “so-so-quality” products. It is hence our mission to scour the world for products that offer exceptional quality, highly original designs and unparallel value. In fact, we are so obsessed with quality and function, that before launching any new products, we actually bring it home to try it ourselves! Being “QC/QA Passed” is just not good enough for us!Luxury is our business and we supply only the finest products. As you browse through our website, you will see what we meant by luxury living.
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